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Lee Cooper Brand History

As the original British denim brand, Lee Cooper’s journey began in a local factory in London’s East End making tough, uncompromising workwear. Since then, Lee Cooper has become a global fashion brand with over 100 years of heritage and a loyal fan base worldwide.
Founded in 1908 by Morris Cooper, the brand now known as Lee Cooper became established as a leading maker of workwear, providing uniforms for the British Troops in WW1 and WW2. By 1945, the brand had moved its focus from military wear to fashion and denim, and in turn captured more than 80% of the UK market in the 50s and 60s.
Now a revolutionary authentic denim brand in Europe, Lee Cooper became the go-to-denim label for legendary British rock’n’roll bands including The Rolling Stones. The brand’s eradefining aesthetic cemented Lee Cooper as a global name in the 70s, and by the 90s Lee Cooper’s global expansion had spread with new licensed markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. Lee Cooper celebrated its 100th anniversary by dressing the British teams for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and in 2010 the brand relocated its head o!ce back to its roots in the East End of London.

Today, the Lee Cooper products and collections are created with denim at the heart and fashion at the forefront. Perfectly fitting its influential 18-30 year-old consumer, every stitch, rivet and wash is perfected by Lee Cooper’s forward-thinking denim artisans. Lee Cooper keeps its own identity by interpreting the latest fashion trends into exciting ready to wear clothes.

About Lee Cooper
Since 1908, Lee Cooper has held strong as ‘the people’s brand’. Quintessentially British, the company was founded in London’s East End by Morris Cooper and has since become a global pioneer of workwear and classic, authentic denim. Lee Cooper’ s passion for denim and commitment to quality has lead to its global presence, with 40 partners selling in over 100 countries. Owned by Iconix Brand Group and boasting over 4000 points of sale, including over 500 Lee Cooper branded stores, the brand is enjoying double digit growth year on year. Lee Cooper stays true to its heritage of Britishness, Work Culture and Music.

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